Are You The Next Vimeo Pro Member?

Similar to YouTube, Vimeo is an online video-sharing forum that allows users to upload their own content, share, comment and view other users’ videos. Users can register for the free site and, using the “explore Vimeo” tool on the right-hand side of the site homepage, sign up for “Vimeo Plus” and “Vimeo PRO”, which offer additional upload space and other features (such as total statistics information) useful to businesses and those who upload content frequently.



 In addition, the site offers tools and lessons under the “Video School” to teach users how to create better video. Categories available on Vimeo are easy to navigate and include specialized segments such as “Education and DIY”, “Activism and Nonprofit”, as well as a number of additional general categories.


This past weekend, Vimeo launched one of its “Vimeo Weekend Projects”, in which users are asked to create videos with various conditions. Past projects have included “Teach Us A Lesson”, the “One Minute” Video Project, and “Beyond Planet Earth” (users theories on the future of space exploration).

Ending December 6th, the current project is titled “Fake Trailers”, and prompts users to create 1-2 minute “fake” movie trailers to submit and be posted on the video-sharing site. Users are given incentives such as additional upload space and account upgrades for each contest.


This marketing tactic created by Vimeo is both innovative and beneficial to Internet consumers, prompting users to participate in the expansion of Web video culture and include themselves in one of the fastest growing industries today.