Boring Brochures Are Being Replaced By Marketing Videos On DVDs And Flash Drives


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How many brochures do you recieve in the mail everyday that go directly into the trash? Flyers, brochures, and other forms of paper advertising are quickly being replaced by more effecient and eco friendly delivery methods. DVDs are a cheap way to deliver hours of video to current or potential clients. Replication of DVDs is getting cheaper every day and an eye-catching CD case will make sure that your advertisement will be watched by the recipient. DVDs are not just used for advertising purposes. A video welcoming a new employee to your company will impress and inspire your work force.

DVD advertisment
Flash drives are another classy way to deliver your videos to employees, clients, or prospects. A flash drive is re-usable and much more green than a bifold brochure. It is easy to have your company logo printed on a flash drive and people will think of you often as they use your drive for years to come. If you want to seperate your message from the stack of paper advertisment that people throw in the trash everyday without a second glance consider a more creative eco-friendly method like video on a flash drive.
Budwiser Flash Drive Promotional Tool
Budweiser uses creative flash drives like the one pictured above to keep people thirsty for more. Advertisment is about being creative and standing out and video is the best way to seperate your company from the pack. Don't waste your money on paper advertisments that won't get a second thought. Put your videos on a flash drive and start crushing the competition. Flash drives and DVDs are not the only way to deliver your marketing videos to the masses...

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