New iPod Touch Will Capture 720p Video!

Devices that capture HD video keep getting smaller!  On the heels of the groundbreaking iPhone 4 and Nikon's excellent and portable D3100, Apple has just released an updated version of the iPod Touch.  Just like the iPhone 4, the new iPod Touch can record HD video, 720p to be more specific.  We explain what that means in this article.

The iPod is much more affordable than an iPhone and comes with no monthly contract.  With an iPod, you can connect to any wireless network with no additional charges from Apple.  This updated iPod Touch provides you with an HD camcorder that fits in your pocket AND is affordable.  This is sounding pretty good, right?  It gets even better.  For an extra five dollars, you can buy iMovie, Apple's basic movie editing software, so you can edit your videos right on the iPod.   This device will provide you with an entire studio right in the palm of your hands.

While this incredible device will give even more people the ability to capture HD video, we will have to wait and see how it catches on.  Is the average iPod user aware of how powerful and incredible this technology is?  In the last ten years, we have gone from listening to music on CDs, to rocking out with digital music and now we are accessing the Web and editing videos on a device the size of a deck of cards.  However, it might be more than the average user is looking for. 

What we can be sure of is that it will allow people to share video faster than ever.  Apple has already sold over 100 million iPods, iPhones and iPads.  All of these devices view and edit video, and two of these three are capable of capturing video.  It is not too late to get on the video bandwagon. 

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