Placing Ads On Hulu Can Be Expensive But They Can Also Be Effective

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TV ads are becomming less effective and many people are now choosing to watch TV on their own time using DVR or TIVO. These advancements have made it easier for consumers to ignore your companies ads. The future of advertisment is here and it is interactive. By syndicating your ad on Hulu or another video hosting site you are able to get feedback on your advertisement that TV ads do not provide. A marketing campaign is only successful if you are able to thoroughly evaluate it and make necessary changes. By allowing comsumers to interact with the ads business owners get more bang for their buck. Did you know that placing an advertisment on Hulu costs roughly $25-$30 per one thousand impressions while placing an advertisment in starts at $35 and goes up?

 Hulu Screen Shot

Consumers of web video are exposed to roughly 2% of advertisements while viewing web video. Television ads make up nearly 30% of the viewing experience. It is easy to see why TV ads are on the way out and companies big and small are turing to the web to interact with potential customers.
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