With years of conference video production and editing expertise, Gearshift is a good fit for those who want a quality recording of your conference or seminar.  We are a great resource for organizers coming to the Washington DC area for a conference.  We typically work with the in-house A/V team to get a good audio feed in to the recording camera.

Masters of Conference Video

Shooting conferences is a specialty of Gearshift.TV. We've travelled across the United States to professionally produce high quality video of everything from telecommunications conferences to legal marketing seminars. The biggest challenge of producing a conference video is making sure the audio is crisp and clear and that the subject is highlighted and in focus in the frame. When you hire Gearshift to cover your next conference you can be sure you're getting the best quality coverage of your event.


Producing High Quality Video Isn't Easy

Shooting a conference can mean long days of shooting back to back. To really capture a conference well, our customers understand you need a team of videographers who are skilled and dedicated to what they do. Here at Gearshift we pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to capturing the essence of the seminar in stunning high definition.


Why Hire a Videographer?

Conferences can be tricky. In today's fast paced world you may not be able to attract as large an audience as you would like. Busy schedules and tricky travel arrangements can make it difficult for remote clients to attend. That's where effective, high quality video comes in. Want to revisit a particular presentation? Gearshift can produce a crisp, clean, high definition version of each presentation at your next conference to provide for clients who are unable to attend.


Jim Folliard
Founder, Director, Cinematographer, Photographer & Editor