Dysautonomia International: Video Can Help Raise Awareness

Client Name: Dysautonomia International
Type of Project: Video Production and Editing
Project Goal: Conference Video
Tools Used: Sony 4k Cameras and Adobe Premiere
Crew: Jim Folliard, Don Napoleon, Sam von Brand
Date of project: July 2017
Location: Northern Virginia
Price Range: $5,000 - $10,000
Results: Raised Awareness

Under Funded and Misdiagnosed

Dysautonomia is a broad term for many disorders which are just now beginning to be understood. After her diagnosis, Lauren Stiles knew she needed to be a voice for patients who were not receiving the care they needed from skeptical doctors. She started Dysautonomia International and has been hosting a conference to help patients learn about resources available to them, hear from doctors about cutting edge research into their conditions, and how to better manage their condition. The conference is a great event for patients who are often marginalized and many travel from across the United States to hear from the knowledgable speakers. The only challenge is how to bring this vital information to those who cannot attend.

Video Can Bring Conferences To You

The hardest part of recording any conference is making sure all the elements come together in the camera at the highest quality. Gearshift's expert videographers specialize in capturing high definition quality footage complete with crystal clear sound. Handling all these different things on your own can be overwhelming, as the organizers at Dysautonomia International found at previous conferences, but Gearshift has the experience necessary to handle any potiential issues on the day of shooting and to deliver excellent quality video.

Video Can Help Spread Information

The goal of the Dysautonomia International conference is to raise awareness about the disorder, not just among people afflicted by the associated conditions, but to the public at large in the hopes of increasing the rate of diagnosis, the research funding, and the amount of support for people suffering from the various symptoms. The attendees left with much more information than they came with every year, but by and large they were people already aware of Dysautonomia. The slick video production of Gearshift.tv can now bring the conference to the public who may have never heard of Dysautomonia. This partnership will hopefully make the mission statement of Dysautonomia International a reality.