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Home Page Video Video on your homepage is integral to your site's success. We integrate your company's logo and design to produce a simple, yet effective video for your website homepage.
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Choose Your Spokesmodel Don't like to travel? Too swamped to come to the studio? No problem! Gearshift offers professional spokesmodel services for our client videos. Pick your next video spokesmodel today!
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TV Commercials In addition to creating powerful HD commercials to promote your business, product or service, our team ensures that your commercial reaches your target market to accelerate your business!
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Video Production Look no further than Gearshift for your video editing needs- we edit both short and long-form videos including music videos, conferences, birthday celebrations, scouting videos and more.
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Offering Unique, Customized Video Services to Attract Your Target Audience

Every video associated with your name paints a vivid picture of you, your brand, and your image. So if your videos are subpar, people will make the assumption that your goods or services are subpar as well. To prevent this from happening, it's crucial that you hire a video studio that listens to your needs,  understands your goals, and delivers a product you can be proud of. 

Gearshift Green Screen Studio

You Don't Have to Settle for Basic Video Services

Most video studios in and around Fairfax and DC offer basic video production and editing services. After all, these services are the building blocks of any video studio. But they are just that; building blocks.  

At Gearshift.TV we strive to offer services that go beyond the basics. This is why we installed a large green screen video studio, why we travel nationwide to shoot stunning on-location video and why we provide access to talented, professional video spokesmodels.

We believe that every business, every organization, deserves high-quality, custom video services; that video is an integral part of every successful marketing plan and that the basics are simply not good enough for our clients. To this end, we offer the following video services: 

Be sure to check out our portfolio, where we showcase the wide variety of services we have provided for a diverse group of businesses and organizations.

Don't Think You Can Afford Video?  Are You Sure?

Many business owners don't believe that video is a viable option for their business, and with many video studios, they're right!  But at Gearshift.TV, we strive to work with every budget. This is possible because we don't have one-size-fits all video packages. Instead, we custom build video services that work for you, for your budget and your needs.

In our eyes there is no project too big, no project too small; we treat every project with the same respect and level of professionalism. It doesn't matter if you've rented our green screen video studio, shot and edited the video yourself, or if you hired our team come to your town, shoot extensive video and edit it into multiple videos; you get my full attention each time we work together.

Call 703.962.1270 today. We can build a custom video plan that works for you; that helps you not only keep up with the competition, but blows them away.

Don Napoleon, Jim Folliard & Katarina Smith

Jim Folliard
Founder, Head Videographer & Editor


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