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Home Page Video Video on your homepage is integral to your site's success. We integrate your company's logo and design to produce a simple, yet effective video for your website homepage.
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Choose Your Spokesmodel Don't like to travel? Too swamped to come to the studio? No problem! Gearshift offers professional spokesmodel services for our client videos. Pick your next video spokesmodel today!
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TV Commercials In addition to creating powerful HD commercials to promote your business, product or service, our team ensures that your commercial reaches your target market to accelerate your business!
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Video Production Look no further than Gearshift for your video editing needs- we edit both short and long-form videos including music videos, conferences, birthday celebrations, scouting videos and more.
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Business Owners Everywhere Recognize Video Production as a POWERFUL, Ultra- Effective Marketing Approach!

Let's face it - the landscape has changed. It's no longer okay to just have a website.  It's no longer okay to have a website without new, relevant content.  In fact, it's not even okay to just make it to page 1 of Google nowadays.  Lots of businesses can do that.

Gearshift Green Screen Studio

Your Business Needs a Great Online Pressence & One of the Keys to Dominating Google  is with Web Video. Yes, Web Video. Why? Consider this:

  • 80% of Americans are viewing videos online.
  • YouTube gets 2 billion hits every day.
  • Google loves video, and it routinely places several videos on page 1 for organic searches related to your business.
  • Video adds depth to your story, builds trust and positions you as an expert in your industry.
  • Web visitors are 4-7 times more likely to engage with your website if it contains dynamic video.

Adding videos to your website converts visitors into customers.  Interestingly enough, despite the power and reach of web video, only a small percentage of businesses overall have incorporated it into their marketing approach thus far.  Early adapters, though, like Kentucky Accident Attorney Mike Schafer, are using web video and watching their businesses take off while building huge advantages over their competitors.  Schafer worked with Gearshift TV to help him produce videos for his website and was floored by the results. 

"Since I added video to my site, my business has exploded," Schafer said.  "I can count six new six-figure cases from clients who hired us simply because they watched and listened to my videos.  Video absolutely works and has made me a believer." 

So what does this mean for the savvy businessperson?  Opportunity.  The opportunity to be on the front edge of the next big thing, just like the forward-thinking professionals 15 years ago who decided it made sense to invest in having a website built before most people even really knew what the internet was.

The key with web video, much like a website, is that it not only has to look good, but it also needs to be optimized to draw visitors in and then convert them into customers, which means it's a good idea to get help from a team of video production specialists.

The Best Web Videos:

  • Are recorded in high definition.
  • Have crystal-clear audio.
  • Feature bright, even lighting.
  • Are compelling and interesting.
  • Are professionally edited.

Ready to get started? Gearshift TV will help you take your business, service, or product to the next level with quality HD video production!

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Jim Folliard
Founder, Head Videographer & Editor


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