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Fast, Effective Video Marketing Right In Your Backyard

With the price of video production services plummeting, it is not just the big companies who can afford to use video to advertise their product or service. Advancements in video sharing such as YouTube, the number two search engine on the web and Vimeo, have leveled the playing field and now you can create professional quality HD video that reaches the rapidly growing internet audience. Did you know that 50% of YouTube users have annual incomes of 75,000 or more?

We make the video production process quick and easy so that all you have to do is talk! Our video studio has all the tools and equipment necessary to produce your homepage video, employee biography, television commercial, testimonial, PSA, or any other promotional video. We often produce up to fifty high quality video clips for business websites in only two hours of shooting!

Our professional, award-winning cinematographers and producers are experienced in video production of all types. Our videos range in topic from web video for lawyers to promotional videos for your new product or line! Click on any of the thumbnails below to see a wide range of the video styles we can create for you!

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corporate event videos

client testimonial videos

product demo videos

Our team shoots in-house at the Gearshift Green Screen Studio as well as on-location using Hi-Definition Nikon cameras with professional lighting, microphones, sound acquisition and stabilization systems. Gearshift TV prides itself on creating unique, high quality content for each of our clients to help convert website viewers into clients! 

Once your video has been produced we take it a step further:

We are not your typical studio that mass produces cookie cutter videos and than leaves you to market those videos. We are a family atmosphere with a small business attitude. This allows us to give each of our customers the time and resources required to create video that works. 

We don't just create your videos; we help you market your videos so that you can reach the target audience you are after. Following your video shoot we allow you to sit down with one of our video and social media marketing executives to develop a distribution plan for your video. No other video studio in the area has the video marketing knowledge as the professionals at Gearshift TV.

We believe that it is not just an interesting video or a well-marketed video that is a successful one. We believe that interesting video coupled with a strategic marketing plan is what makes video successful. Get started today and get successful in your video marketing efforts. Give us a call today at 703.962.1270 to speak personally with one of our experienced producers.

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