Washington, D.C. On-Location Video Shooting Advice Is Crucial to Your Success

I bet you've heard it before, but it bears repeating: Video is quickly becoming crucial to the success of any online marketing plan. Because of this truth, small businesses like yours are jumping on the video bandwagon. The problem is that too many people are making video that isn't just ineffective—it's unwatchable!

To capture your market, you can't just shoot terrible video, load it to YouTube, and hope for the best. Your video won't be found by your target audience. And, if someone happens to find it, the poor quality will drive them away. To help you avoid the most egregious video errors, our Washington, DC video production team has come up with the most important elements of a successful on-location video:

  1. Light. Lighting has to be number one on the list for a simple reason: Without adequate light, your subject will be hidden from view. The light source should be in front of the subject and, if possible, be from several indirect sources—think light boxes or sunny windows. Be sure that you check the lighting during the time of day you plan to shoot. A sunny window at 10:00 a.m. could be in shadow by noon.
  2. Sound. Sound comes in a close second for obvious reasons. You want video to get a message across, and without good sound your message will be lost. For best results, use an external microphone—not the microphone that comes with your camera. Also, listen carefully when scouting your location. Any noises, even those that seem distant and harmless (such as people talking or traffic), can ruin your shoot.
  3. Framing. Many amateur videographers ignore the background in a shot. They focus so much on the subject that they don't see the cluttered, busy, and distracting background. Usually, less is more, so make sure that everything in the shot adds to the message instead of distracting from it.
  4. The Unknown. Be ready to deal with surprises on the day of the shoot. Foot traffic and noises that weren't present when you scouted the shoot can threaten to ruin your shoot. Be prepared to move locations or embrace the surprises and work them into your video. Flexibility is key when shooting on location.

Hopefully our advice will help you make videos that impress your audience and improve your success.

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