Have a Video You Need Professionally Edited? Gearshift Can Help.

Why is editing so important?

Capturing great video footage is only the beginning of the process in producing an effective web marketing video. The next step is to edit the video so that it looks amazing, sounds great, and ultimately has a professional feel. At Gearshift TV, our team of experienced video editors create a professional product using the Adobe Creative Suite. We edit all types of video projects, both short and long form content. We also provide audio editing services for various projects.

Gearshift TV creates beautiful, high-quality videos that can be delivered efficiently through your website. We encode your videos to meet web standards, ensuring that your video quality will be top-notch. Encoding is the process of rendering a master video to a format such that it plays on any computer or mobile device  - we shoot, edit, and encode all of our videos in high definition (HD). We've all seen those web videos that aren't clear, have horrible audio, etc. These poor quality videos do not convert your viewers to clients. We do everything we can to create clean, crisp, well-produced web video that boost our clients' conversion rates.

Gearshift edits videos and photos with the Adobe Creative Suite.  We have been using Adobe Premiere since 1998!  We use After Effects to create animated titles and virtual sets, Photoshop and Lightroom are the go to applications for photo editing and Adobe Audition/Sound Booth is where we sweeten the audio.  In the end, we "cook" all of our creations in the Adobe Media Encoder.  We can prepare our work in many formats, sizes and bit rates to play on any device.  Finally, we communicate with our clients using Dropbox.  This platform allows most users to watch their videos on their phone and provide immediate feedback.  

For more information on how precision editing can help your marketing message, please call 703-962-1270.  If you are shopping for rates you can find them on the pricing page.

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