What exactly is Gearshift TV and what can Web Video do for my business?

Fast Effective Video Marketing In Your Backyard

Gearshift's founder, Jim Folliard, wisely recognized the future of web video and built a "green-screen" studio in Reston, Virginia to support it. It is one of the only video studios of its kind in the area. With a larger space, we can now put more people on the screen at one time. Our philosophy is to help our clients get found on the web by combining high quality video with the latest search engine optimization techniques. Our studio offers unlimited creativity when composing a video presentation. And on top of that, our turnaround times on certain projects can sometimes be within the same day.

Commercials, Sizzle Reels, and More

We are more than just a green screen studio. In fact, our shooters can come to you! If you have a location in mind for a specific project, or are trying to cover an event Gearshift is equipped to travel and deliver stunning 4k footage on the go. We've been to high profile parties such as Capitol File's White House Correspondent's Dinner; and we've been out to rural Maryland and Virginia, where Michael and Son's Helping Hands program aids the disabled in need of house repair. Gearshift's team can help you with just about any project you can imagine. See how we've helped all sorts of individuals and businesses with video projects across the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

Years of Experience at Affordable Rates

Jim Folliard has been a video professional for twenty five years. His team has been successful at producing high quality video for ad campaigns, recruiting drives, and even conferences. If you have a video project in mind Gearshift is a fast, effecient, and effective solution to your video needs. We have multiple price packages to fit your budget so give us a call today.