Highlight Videos and Sizzle Reels


A highlight video is typically the most impressive videos we produce.  They usually run 2-5minutes long and sum up the business, service, event or idea.  Usually a half day of shooting and some tight editing set to music can make this an impactful presentation.  These videos typically cost $2k - $5k.


Why Hire Gearshift For Your Sizzle Reel?

At Gearshift, we've been helping businesses reach the next level for twenty years with targeted, high quality sizzle reels and highlight videos. Our expertise can help you reach the audience you want to reach, and to show what makes your staff and your business special. We have it down to a science.


Effective Sizzle Reels Can Change Your Business!

A highlight video is an effective way to attract customers to your business, find new partners to work with, or to recruit new employees to your organization. When you hire Gearshift to shoot and edit a highlight video for your company you are getting a video representation of your company's culture.  Contact us today and show potential clients why your business deserves their attention.


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