Need to respond to a request for a proposal? Gearshift has the experience you need.

Have Peace of Mind About Your Next Proposal

Do you have a requirement to produce video for your RFP response? Gearshift is experienced in working with government contractors in the D.C. area. The particular project can mean a lot to your business. So when you submit you want to feel confident in your proposal that you will land the contract your company is seeking. At Gearshift we've worked with many of the largest government contractors to make sure their video proposals  were as sharp as they could be. When you work with Gearshift you should be totally confident that you're in good hands when it comes time to submission time.

There is No Substitute for Quality

The one thing that can sink your video RFP is having poor quality sound, low resolution video, or choppy editing. If you work with Gearshift to produce your video RFP, you will not have to worry about any of that. We have produced various projects in 4k, the highest quality video resolution on the market, with crystal clear sound and crisp editing. If you don't believe us, take a look at our work and let it speak for itself. 

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