Headshots - Guaranteed to be Your New Facebook Profile Pic

Say Cheese!

Headshots combine your natural image with a little Photoshop touch-up. The goal is to represent what you look like but make you look a little younger. We work on eye bags, wrinkles, moles and other annoying parts of your face that you wish were gone. The real secret is shooting with 3 studio flashes and an f-stop in the f11 range. Most headshots are used as a profile pic or an author tag and often on your bio page. Headshots run $150 to $300 to shoot and edit a pleasant image. I know that you are interested so reach out and lets schedule a shoot in our Fairfax Studio. Still need convincing? Check out some other examples of our photography.




Jim Folliard
Founder, Director, Cinematographer, Photographer & Editor