Video Services Designed To Convert Visitors Into Clients

Are you looking for video services like green screen production, video editing, spokesmodels and actors, music video creation, on location shoots, cable TV commercials or maybe some still photography? We do it all. Please contact us if we can help you at 703.962.1270.

Video ProductionVideo Production

You need video on YouTube as well as your own website.  People are actively searching for video.  If you want the opportunity to convert them into customers, they need to find you first. Video builds trust and our quality video production studio helps instill that trust in your viewers.

TV CommercialsTV Commercials

Commercials are effective because they are short.  The average commercial is 30 seconds.  Some are longer at 60 seconds but a growing trend is the 15 second and 5 second commercial.  So how can you connect with your audience in 5 seconds? Add music. Specifically a slightly annoying song with a phrase or slogan associated with the company name.  They call them JINGLES! 

Video EditingVideo Editing

Gearshift edits videos and photos with the Adobe Creative Suite.  We have been using Adobe Premiere since 1998!  We use After Effects to create animated titles and virtual sets, Photoshop and Lightroom are the go to applications for photo editing and Adobe Audition/Sound Booth is where we sweeten the audio.  In the end, we "cook" all of our creations in the Adobe Media Encoder.  We can prepare our work in many formats, sizes and bit rates to play on any device.  Finally, we communicate with our clients using Dropbox.  

Video RFPsVideo RFPs

At Gearshift, we've produced several video requests for proposal both in our studio on the green screen, and on location in our clients offices. Video RFPs are complicated things, requiring an agency or organization to follow a very specific set of rules and regulations for their proposal to get viewed. Our expertise lies in making sure all the regulations our met, and the video looks as crisp and clear as possible. You'll definitely stand out from your competitors with Gearshift's sleek production.


With years of conference video production and editing expertise, Gearshift is a good fit for those who want a quality recording of your conference or seminar.

Web VideoWeb Video

Web video needs to be an integral part of your online marketing strategy.  Creating and publishing videos on a regular basis will keep your customers informed and help new customers find you.  Our studio understands where video fits in your marketing and how to make the most of your hard-earned dollars.


If you're going to the trouble to throw a big event, why not commemorate with video?

Studio RentalStudio Rental

Do you know how powerful a green screen can be for your business?  We can create videos that perfectly match the colors of your website and brand with any background you want.  Green screen videos are an affordable and effective way to utilize online video for your business or firm.

Product VideoProduct Video

Need to display your product in stunning 4k? We can help.

Corporate VideoCorporate Video

Video can be a great tool for recruiting or training, call us today to see how we can help.

Social MediaSocial Media

Need to look good in your next post? We can help.


Not everyone feels comfortable on camera and thats okay!  Many of our clients don't have time to come to our studio in Northern Virginia.  We have professional spokesmodels who are ready to help you reach potential clients on the web.  We help lawyers, doctors and other professionals communicate information to their web site visitors. You're one step closer to getting professional video on to your website!


Every website has photos but how many have pictures that stun web visitors?  We have pros that know how to make your visitors say "Wow!"  Let Gearshift TV take care of your photography needs.

Highlight VideosHighlight Videos

A highlight video is typically the most impressive videos we produce.  They usually run 2-5minutes long and sum up the business, service, event or idea.  Usually a half day of shooting and some tight editing set to music can make this an impactful presentation.  These videos typically cost $2k - $5k.


Headshots combine your natural image with a little Photoshop touch-up. The goal is to represent what you look like but make you look a little younger. We work on eye bags, wrinkles, moles and other annoying parts of your face that you wish were gone.