Gearshift Video Pricing, Rates & Quotes

How Much Does Gearshift Video Production Cost?

Virginia Video Shoot Pricing

Video Shoot & Editing Pricing Breakdown

Shooting is the process of gathering videos and photos with our cameras, lights, mics, tripods and other expensive equipment. Our current rates for video and photo on-location and well as in our green screen studio are:

  • Hourly Video Shoot: $500
  • Half-Day Video Shoot: $1,500
  • Full-Day Video Shoot: $2,500
  • Hourly Video Editing: $250

Editing is the process of gathering and producing assets such as videos, photos, music, titles, animations, logos and beauty shots.These are the ingredients that make for a great video. 

Video Editing Rates

Gearshift TV Video Package Pricing 

A package is usually the combination of hiring us to shoot and edit your project. There are big savings when you get a package vs. the pricing outlined above. Here are some common packages:

  • Business Overview Video for Web/Social Media - This includes a half-day shoot on-location and 8 hours of editing to tell a story about your business, product or service. This is a one video package - $3,000
  • Business Overview Videos for Web/Social Media - This includes a full-day shoot on-location and 24 hours of editing to tell multiple stories about your business, product or service. Includes a main "overview" video, bio video, client testimonials, FAQs, bloopers and virtual tours. This is a 12 video package - $7,500
  • Event Highlight Video - We can cover any event, day or night. Typical events such as a gala, reception, red carpet and party can be covered in 4 hours. We then edit the footage together to make a highlight/re-cap of the event. - $2,500
  • Full Day Conference Production and Editing - If you have an all-day conference with speakers at a podium or a panel discussion then we can cover the event and produce each speaker as an individual video clip with their slides synced to it (if applicable) - $7,500
  • Studio FAQ Video Package - Do you have a lot of repeat questions that your prospective clients ask you? FAQ videos help answer these questions. With a 1 or 2 hour time slot in the studio, you can answer as many questions as you want. There is a 4 video minimum purchase with this package but you can buy as many as you want. - $250/video
  • Homepage Video - You don't have any video on your website and now is the time to get it done professionally. We offer a 1 hour time slot in the studio to produce a 1-3 minute video for your homepage. If you need the help of a teleprompter we have you covered at no extra cost. This also includes a custom background with your logo/url and phone or any other call to action. - $750

Virginia Green Screen Studio Video Shoot Rates

We help directors and producers from around the country that need a green screen studio in the Washington DC area. Our Virginia green screen studio is a 20' x 20' space that is perfect for full-body shots, waist-up and 2 person interviews. The studio comes with lights so all you need is your camera, sound and talent (a Teleprompter/Operator is available for an additional cost). Here are the studio rates:

  • Hourly - $300
  • Half-Day - $900
  • Full-Day - $1500
  • Teleprompter - $100/hr.

There are a lot of factors that will effect how much it will cost to shoot your video. Be prepared to answer these questions before we give you a quote for your video shoot.

What type of video are you trying to produce?

Personal or Business? Personal videos are weddings, birthday parties, family videos, etc... they tend to be longer productions. Business videos are typically shorter productions that focus on marketing a product, service or organization.

Do you need us to record video or take photos for your video project or do you already have the assets needed to produce your video?

Our production rates are based on hourly, half-day and full-day rates. For some clients the only service they want from us is to shoot video and give them the raw footage for their editors to work with. Other clients already have assets and need us to edit the project for them. We charge an hourly editing rate for this type of work.

Do you have an idea or concept for your video?

Is there a video that you can show us on YouTube that is similar to what you want done?

Do you want to shoot in our Green Screen studio or at your location?

The benefit of shooting in our studio is that we can customize the background/environment that you are presenting your video from. You may mot have a very presentable office or no office at all and the studio is a good fit. If you do have a great facility that you think will show well on camera then shooting on-location can provide for very cinematic visuals.

Is your budget more or less than $3k?

We are not a cheap video solution so if you are price shopping we put ourselves in to the Mercedes/BMW category.There are more expensive video projects that would compare to a Ferrari or Lamborghini and there are the budget friendly projects priced like Honda and Toyota. To be noticed on the roads you need to pay a little more and the same goes with video.

Who is your target audience?

Do you need to recruit better employees? Do you want more people to sign up for a conference? Do you want to demonstrate what your product does? Defining your target viewer helps us mold your message for maximum effectiveness.

YouTube Web Video Pricing

Studio Restrictions - We are located within a multi-office environment so we are limited during normal business hours on the amount of people that can fit in to the studio. The current crew/talent limit is 8 people. After 6pm or during weekends we can accommodate more crew/talent.

* All prices are subject to change. Pricing is negotiable.

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