Eiman Bassam, Media Buying

Eiman Bassam

Eiman Bassam

  • Media Buying
  • Gearshift Studios
  • 2100 Reston Parkway, Suite C102 Reston, VA 20191
  • 703.962.1270

The Media Buying Mogul

Eiman Bassam has been at the helm of a large advertising agency for over 10 years. He has been exposed to many large accounts in almost every industry. His marketing efforts have been among the most visible in the advertising world. A long-time resident of the Northern Virginia area, he is very familiar with the DC market. Eiman has been active in the industry for over 15 years and has successfully transformed the advertising landscape of local companies – from large corporations to small and family-run businesses. He has a unique approach that encompasses the advertising needs of every business, and his ability to relate to most every client has led to his very strong and supportive professional network.

Teaming Up

Eiman and Jim have been collaborating on video projects and commercials for more than a decade.  This relationship has pushed Eiman's media buying brand ESB Advertising to the top of the DC market.  The main reason is the different approach and comedy based advertising that produces "sticky" spots that stay in your head.  When you get the phones to ring, it's working!