According to Forbes, Online Video Is More Important Than Ever

Posted on Feb 20, 2013

If you're a skeptical business owner in the D.C. area, you may wake up every day and ask yourself, “Is the YouTube boom finally over?” After all, it costs money to make and upload promotional videos—and why bother if the audience numbers are about to fall off the cliff?

Well, you'd better think again. According to a recent story in Forbes magazine, a survey conducted by a trio of companies—marketing automation provider Eloqua, Adobe content site, and online consultant Software Advice—has found that a whopping 90 percent of marketing respondents prefer to watch videos to find out more about businesses, compared to 60 percent for free trials, 70 percent for surveys, and 80 percent for live demonstrations with sales reps.

Forbes goes on to quote Susan Weinschenk, the “Brain Lady,” about why people prefer video to these other means of communication. This boils down to the following observations:

  1. The human brain is wired to pay attention to faces.
  2. A human voice can convey more information than is contained in words.
  3. Emotional body language is “contagious” and can evoke the same feelings in viewers.
  4. Movement attracts attention a lot more reliably than static objects like printed words.

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