Are You Undervaluing the Power of User-Generated Video?

Posted on Jun 23, 2013

User-generated videos contain more value than you may know. Joris Brabants, a guest expert for ReelSEO, touts the importance of user-generated videos and gives you three practical ways to incorporate them in your video marketing strategy:  


  1. Client Testimonials and Product Reviews. Client testimonials and product reviews have long been important to the success of a business. But now, instead of relying on written testimonials and reviews, ask your clients or customers to record a video testimonial to be shared on your website, social media accounts, and YouTube Channel. Why: Unlike the written word, it's difficult to fake emotions on video. Because of this, video testimonials will be seen as "social proof" of your customers’ satisfaction.
  2. Customer Support. Instead of typing out a long explanation of every problem people might encounter while using your product, consider making a video. Make a video for each of your most frequently asked questions to address the needs of your customers. Why: Most people now prefer video to text. By recording and posting how-to videos, you are able to better address your customers’ needs. In addition, you will build trust, as you appear in front of them right when they need you.
  3. Video Contests: A video contest can be a great way to engage your audience. By asking them to record a video as part of a contest—and offering an incentive to load a video—you will show your customers and clients that you care what they have to say. Why: It's easier than ever for the average Joe or Joan to take and load video, so the time is right to offer a video contest. Also, customer videos are fun, shareable, and can create serious buzz over your product or service.


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