AT&T Introduces New Tools for Sharing Online Videos

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

Twonky Beam is the name of a new AT&T U-verse app which may give customers new ways to view and share online video content. The Twonky Beam app will allow a user to easily send a video clip from his or her smartphone to his or her U-verse receiver. The video can then be seen on a TV screen and shared with family, friends, and anyone else who is watching TV from that U-verse receiver.

Twonky Beam was created by PacketVideo. U-verse customers wishing to use Twonky Beam will reportedly not need special equipment so long as they have high-speed internet access. They will simply need to turn their receiver to channel 9301 and swipe their finger on their mobile device.

Twonky Beam was not the only new app recently announced by AT&T U-verse. AT&T U-verse has also announced the development of the Pix & Flix app, which was developed by AT&T. Pix & Flix will allow AT&T U-verse customers who also have high-speed internet access to share photos from their mobile devices on their TV screens. Customers can also access their Facebook accounts on their TV sets and access all of their Facebook photos in a similar manner.

As of the third quarter of 2012, AT&T U-verse claims to have added the highest number of new subscribers of any major TV provider since 2009.

Our Gearshift specialists look forward to seeing Twonky Beam in action, and we eagerly anticipate future online video developments in 2013.

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