Fujifilm X100 Rangefinder-Style Camera Still Victim to Price Gouging on Amazon

Posted on Aug 04, 2011

Many members of the photography community are aware that cameras do not have one set price. Instead, they typically have several phases of price:


  • A high starting MSRP
  • An even higher "price gouging" period when demand exceeds supply
  • A "cool down" period when the price drops dramatically


One of the most anticipated and controversial cameras to be released this year is the Fuji X100, which is a compact camera with a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder and classic rangefinder styling. The earthquake in Japan and a higher-than-expected demand have pushed the price of the Fuji X100 way past its $1200 MSRP.


Currently, the Fuji X100 is selling for $1,618.95 on Amazon, but this price is likely to change by the day. An amazing aspect of this price gouging is that the X100 is marketed as a compact camera meant to compliment a professional's existing system. Since it does not feature interchangeable lenses, this camera is incapable of being a true system for photographers. In spite of this, buyers are still choosing to purchase the X100 at extraordinary prices on Amazon.


It is important to note that Amazon itself may not be dictating the price; Amazon's affiliates who sell through Amazon may be responsible for the artificial price hike.


The price is sure to reduce as supply begins to exceed demand, but it looks like price gougers will have made a small fortune off consumers who really can't afford to be patient for the next best thing.

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