Google Video Results Beat Out Images, Shopping, Maps, and News

Posted on Apr 25, 2013

According to Amy Gesunhues of Search Engine Land, a study done by Searchmetrics—a company that provides search and social analysis software—shows that video remains extremely popular among searchers.

The study looked at data from Google's Universal Search. Universal Search provides Google searchers with every type of media—images, shopping, maps, and news—in their search results. In the year 2012, the study shows that video is still the king of the search sources.

While video results dipped to a year low in December, at 62 percent video was still about 30 percent higher than image results; the second most popular source. Video tromped the other sources--shopping, maps and news--which each accounted for less than 10 percent of total Universal Search results.

YouTube the Big Winner

Among the most prominent video hosting sites—YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion—YouTube was the clear winner. YouTube, owned by Google, accounted for eight of the ten video integrations in Universal Search. Marcus Tober, Searchmetric's CTO, spoke to the results and what they mean for businesses.

"Our data indicates that if a business wants to have its video content appearing in video integrations on Google, it would do well to make sure it is on YouTube and, of course, it needs to ensure its videos are well optimized for the keywords and phrases that are being targeted," stated Tober.

The take away? If your business doesn't have a marketing plan that involves video, it's time to get one. For assistance, call 703.962.1270 to speak with our D.C. video production and marketing team.

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