How Smartphone and Tablet Users Conduct Local Searches

Posted on Nov 21, 2012

New data looks at how smartphone and tablet users search on their devices. According to information from multiple sources, more than 90 percent of smartphone users use local searches. Google data indicates that about half of searches from mobile devices are for local content. Now YP and Street Fighter have completed another study to look more in depth at local search behavior among mobile device users. 


The survey of about 1,100 adults in the United States found that: 


  • 40% of users use local search daily.
  • 70% of smartphone users use location-aware mobile apps.
  • People who own smartphones, tablets, and computers are more likely to search for local content (and to search for local content more often) than people who just own computers and cell phones without internet data features. Specifically, people with computers only did about 5 local searches a week, people with computers and smartphones did about 13.5 local searches a week, and people with computers, smartphones, and tablets did about 21 local searches a week. 


Additionally, the survey found that the people who do the most searches are slightly more likely to be between the ages of 21-35, to be men, to be college educated, to have jobs, and to earn more than those who do not regularly conduct local searches. More information about the specific types of content and what is considered “local” can be obtained by reading the study. 


Our online video editors encourage local businesses to remember that online video content should be properly encoded so that mobile users can easily access the information they find when they conduct local searches.

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