How to Promote Your Videos on Facebook and Twitter

Posted on Feb 07, 2013

If you're a business owner or marketing executive, you probably already know a fair amount about how YouTube works and how a polished, well-targeted video clip can do wonders for your bottom line. Increasingly, though, it's not enough to simply post your video on YouTube. You also have to promote it using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

A recent article on explains the basics of this process. According to the author, it helps to:

  • Promote the video to the best of your ability. Try tweeting it or sending out Facebook messages alerting customers to its presence.
  • Choose your “default thumbnail” on Facebook carefully. Often, the Facebook algorithm will select a unflattering still from your video.
  • Encourage viewers to comment on your embedded Facebook video. And you should encourage them to share that video with their friends and colleagues.
  • Personally respond to anyone who comments on your video. Don’t forget to also respond to those who forward or retweet it to another party.
  • Produce and upload a video that responds specifically to questions posted on your Facebook page by prospective customers. Relevance and targeting really matter!
  • Think small, fast and short. Facebook and Twitter enthusiasts don't want to watch a five- or ten-minute video clip. See if you can say what you have to say in two minutes or less.

At Gearshift, we know you need a variety of strategies to promote your YouTube video, lest it languish among the millions of other clips uploaded to the service every month. Want to get out of your YouTube rut and avail yourself of the power of social media? Call our YouTube video marketing professionals today at 703-962-1270 to find out what we can do for you!

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