New Givit Video App Debuts for IPhone

Posted on Nov 20, 2012

Given the speed and power of today's smartphones and the reams of bandwidth being made availably by cellular companies, it's no surprise that people are beginning to share videos with the same fervor that they once shared photographs. Now, a new app for the iPhone aims to give a boost to video sharing by allowing users to easily edit their home movies and show friends and family the highlights.

According to Vator News, a company called Givit has recently secured $2.5 million in venture funding on the heels of its latest iPhone app of the same name. Givit, the writer says, allows the user to tap the screen of the iPhone while recording video, which marks those segments out as especially "shareable." After he's done shooting, the user can stitch together the selected scenes with "artsy little transitions," add background music from an iPod playlist, and even indulge in slow-motion, fast-motion, or stop-motion tools for added effect. Once the video is edited, it can then easily be sent to interested parties or quickly uploaded to YouTube (where viewers won't have to sit through five or ten minutes of dead air to get to the funny parts).

Givit isn't the only new entry in the mobile video-editing space; other companies making an app push include SocialCam, Viddy, and Klip. The free version of Givit comes with five gigabytes of storage, and you can also choose to pay $29.95 per year for the deluxe version, which comes with 100 gigabytes of storage.

As useful as Givit is, the iPhone still isn't a good choice for shooting a professional video. If you'd like to advertise your law firm's services on YouTube, call the video editing experts at Gearshift today (877-477-7883) for a free consultation!

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