New Google Set-Top Boxes Threaten to Make Traditional TV Obsolete

Posted on Jul 18, 2012

If you've ever wondered why the television networks and cable providers are terrified of Google, then look no further than a review by PC Magazine of the latest set-top box for the brand-new Google TV service. What Google TV does is allow you to plug your broadband connection directly into your TV and access the Web, either to noodle around by visiting various sites or (and this is the shot across the networks' bow) to watch high-quality streaming video.


The Vizio Co-Star Stream Player isn't necessarily any better or worse than other Google set-top boxes about to hit the market, but its array of functions is par for the course and impressive in its own right. The Vizio will allow users to stream music and video, play games, and access the Web via Google's Chrome browser, and it can be attached to any existing set-top box rented to you by your cable company (at least that's what the manufacturer claims), whether your provider is happy with that idea or not.


When a person watches TV using a Google TV set-top box, he or she will presumably be able to play a game, chat on IM, or update a Facebook status instead of watching commercials—all the more reason to market your law firm on YouTube rather than via traditional TV.

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