The Power of Video as Internal Communication in Your Small Business

Posted on Apr 04, 2013

Video has quickly become a powerful marketing tool. However, as a business owner, there are other uses of video that you may have overlooked. Internal videos are those aimed at delivering information to the employees in your company.

How to Use Video Internally

Video is a powerful tool, and it saves a lot of time. Instead of worrying about gathering all employees for a meeting or briefing each individual employee, consider using video in the following ways:

  • Employee training. Employee training videos are a time-efficient and engaging way to brief new employees on any number of topics. You can give them an overview of the company, show them the correct way perform a certain task, or give a safety briefing.
  • Service or product how-to. As a small business, you work hard to stay current. Because of this, you may often add new services or products to your list of offerings. Bring employees up to speed on your newest additions with a video. Better yet, make it a twofer and share the video online!
  • Internal company relations. To help your business remain cohesive, it's important that employees across every department understand your company's mission, values, and focus. A video is a fantastic way to disseminate this type of information.

No matter the type of video you choose to shoot, consider posting it online. This will give your employees easy access and, when done right, can help with your conversion rates.

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