Top Brands on YouTube Get 884,000 Video Views Per Month

Posted on May 31, 2013

New data complied by Outrigger Media, an advertising metrics company, show that the top 500 brands that have channels on YouTube average 884,000 video views monthly, for a total of 442 million views altogether.

The company, which uses the analytics program OpenSlate to better understand the value of content for advertisers, released the numbers for the top ten brands with YouTube channels along with how many views their videos received each month:

  1. Google Chrome: 25,063,920
  2. Pepsi: 23,194,380
  3. Google: 21,186,750
  4. Red Bull: 16,312,320
  5. KiaBUZZ: 14,097,840
  6. Google Play: 9,161,970
  7. Dior: 8,982,450
  8. Google Chrome: UK 8,616,870
  9. GoPro Camera: 8,542,890
  10. Google Nexus: 8,113,050

Altogether, 18.8 million subscribers follow the top 500 brands on YouTube, with an average of 35,000 subscribers per brand. The companies produced a total of 315,000 videos for their subscribers, with only about 7.5 percent of videos appearing both on YouTube and on television. Each video tallied an average of 98,000 views per month.

The top 500 brands with YouTube channels are mostly in the technology industry (23%), automotive industry (17%), and clothing industry (15%). Education, travel, retail, business, and food were also among the top brands. Technology brands and food and beverage brands were the companies with the greatest numbers of subscribers and viewers, followed by clothing, cars, and retail brands.

The vast majority of videos were under three minutes long, but a significant number were over five and even over ten minutes in length. While YouTube channels are becoming more popular, the report noted that the brands still had significantly more follows on Twitter than on YouTube—but in the future, considering the growing popularity of online video, that may change.

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