USA Today Describes Ways to Improve Your Mobile Videos

Posted on Jul 30, 2012

Many lawyers who post videos to YouTube don't want to invest in professional equipment, opting to instead use their iPhones, iPads, or other “smart” mobile devices instead. While this usually isn't a good idea from the viewer's perspective, there are some ways you can make your mobile videos look almost as good as those shot with professional equipment. USA Today lists a few:

•    A $20 gizmo that connects your smartphone to a tripod, eliminating the jittery feel of handheld video
•    A $30 cable that can hook a professional microphone into your iPhone
•    An entry-level Lavalier mike (the same kind used by roving reporters from local TV news stations), which can cost as little as $40
•    The $300 Zoom H4N, a portable audio recorder that can accept input from two microphones, as well as an app that allows you start recording with a clap of your hands
•    Filmic Pro, a $3 app that lets you control the exposure on your portable device's video
•    A $70 add-on lens from Olloclip, which snaps onto your iPhone or iPod Touch and lets you shoot in fish-eye and wide-angle formats

One important thing to keep in mind is this: if you invest in everything recommended by USA Today's tech columnist, you'll wind up spending almost as much as you would on a professional video setup, including microphones, cameras, lighting and sound equipment. Especially if you plan to shoot multiple videos for your law firm, you'll probably be better off making the plunge and investing in high-quality sound and audio rather than recording on your mobile device.

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