Why Ignoring Mobile Video Viewers Is a Huge Mistake

Posted on May 25, 2013

According to a study performed by BI Intelligence, the amount of video watched on phones and tablets rose dramatically in 2012, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Their study showed that an increase in 4G networks, younger viewing audiences using mobile devices, and the spread of tablets were the primary factors in the increase.

Though smartphones are being used by more and more people, the statistics on tablet use were the most striking. They show the role tablets play in video viewing and are not to be ignored. They include:

  • Tablets account for a lot of video viewing. Though the number of tablets is much lower than smartphones, 3.5 percent of the online videos viewed worldwide are watched on tablets. This is just slightly lower than the 4.5 percent of videos watched on much more numerous smartphones.
  • Tablet owners watch a lot of video. Tablet owners watch an average of 6.7 hours of video content a week, opposed to non-tablet owners who watch 5.5 hours.  
  • Tablet owners click on ads more often. The conversion rates on ads seen by tablet users are much higher than those viewed on smartphones.

Are Your Videos Smartphone and Tablet Ready?

If your videos are not optimized to be watched on tablets, you are missing out on an ever-increasing number of clients or customers.

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