Perfect Web Video Lighting with Ikan LED Lights Helps Attract Your Perfect Client Do you realize that web videos build trust and help your target audience connect with your website and get to know you better?  However, when attorney videos or company web videos are done poorly, videos can turn people away from an organization.

There are many aspects of creating videos that can help with conversion such as the right subject or spokesperson, quality content, professional quality, and perfect lighting. Gearshift Owner Jim Folliard explains in this video tutorial what you need to know about video lighting to ultimately make your videos more dynamic and engaging with Ikan portable LED lighting systems.

Whether you are looking to produce a homepage video, short educational video, commercial, client testimonial, product demonstration, promotional video, or corporate event video, you will need the correct lighting for your own video production project. This video tutorial demonstrates why lighting is critical, and it will take you through what the perfect lighting looks like, how to arrange the lights, how many lights you need, and what type of lights work best.

Having perfect lighting and an overall professional feel for your web videos can help you attract your perfect client. If you would like to rent our green screen studio with professional lights to effectively market your products or services, call the video production professionals at Gearshift today at 703.962.1270 or contact us online at

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