Lawyers Shouldn't Be Afraid of Commercials

"I needed a television commercial. I hired Jim at GearShift TV and went to his local studio. I could not have been more impressed by his studio. First impressions are important and often are great predictors of what is to come. True here. Jim's work was stunning. He produced both 30 second and a 60 second spots for me that are now running, and are pulling more inquiries, by a large factor, than any other spots I have ever run. The difference is the quality, attention to detail, and creative design he brought to the finished product. Even my friends have seen the spots and commented positively. I've hired Jim now twice more and will continue to use him as my only "go to" vendor for this work." - Paul A Samakow, Attorney at Law

Paul was a great client and we were thrilled to help him produce TV commercials for his business and since then he's done great! Congratulations Paul!

Paul A Samakow, Attorney at Law