Oda Solms Wants You to Read Fairfax Woman Magazine

We had the immense pleasure of creating marketing videos for Oda Solms, publisher of Fairfax Woman Magazine.  Fairfax Woman is an educational magazine packed with articles and interviews on subjects that are important to the women of Fairfax County.  Oda was really fun to work with; unlike many of the lawyers that come into the studio, she isn't trained to speak in front of a camera.  She had a blast (we think...) learning to use the teleprompter and ways to improve her on-camera presence. 
For the next issue of Fairfax Woman, Gearshift is preparing an entire page of information on how we help businesses convert visitors to clients through effective web video.  We're going to write an overview of our specialties, the people involved in our services, and tips and tricks for standing in front of a camera, among other things.  To schedule your hour in the studio, call Jim at 703.928.8257.
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