Don't Let a Pandemic Stop Your Conference

Client Name: Blackboard
Type of Project: Video Production and Editing
Project Goal: Virtual Conference
Tools Used: Sony 4ks and Adobe Premiere
Crew: Jim Folliard
Date of project: June 2020
Location: Northern Virginia
Price Range: $5,000 - $10,000
Results: Online attendance

Conference Cancelled

The educational platform Blackboard hosts an annual conference, BbWORLD to keep its users informed on educational trends. For obvious reasons, it was not feasible to host a grand ballroom full of attendees this year. This presented a massive challenge to Stuart Kupinsky; how was he going to ensure Blackboard users got the information they needed? The answer is through virtual conferences.

Virtually Endless Possibilities

Stuart's knowledge of Adobe's After Effects software would be a huge asset to leverage in producing a virtual video version of the annual conference, but he needed a green screen studio and professional editors to polish the footage and put it together into a high level video package that would effectively communicate the ideas to attendees. So he called Gearshift and we got to work. The final result is an out of this world success in our opinion. Blending animation techniques with traditional green screen video is a recipe for user engagement and satisfaction.

Alejandra Strikes Out on Her Own

Even though the video was a success, Alejandra decided to try and go it on her own, finding other ways to shoot and produce video. And I understand! Top quality video can be expensive, and with so many other options, why not try someone else? Over the next two years she used several other video production companies. Unfortunately, she was burned. They didn't provide the services or quality she knew she needed to ride the wave of success that the first video had set into motion.

So in 2012 she came back to Gearshift.TV. Now I work with Alejandra on a regular basis, providing all of the video she posts to her blog, website, and YouTube Channel.

To date I've shot over 100 videos for the organizational maven. We have established a relationship that allows Alejandra to feel comfortable in front of me, in front of the camera. This ease in front of the camera makes for fun, engaging video, and every video she puts on her YouTube Channel is getting the views to prove it.