Take a Look Back

Client Name: Gearshift.tv
Type of Project: Video Production and Editing
Project Goal: Year in Review Video
Tools Used: Sony 4ks and Adobe Premiere
Crew: Jim Folliard
Date of project: December 2016-2020
Location: Northern Virginia
Price Range: N/A
Results: Highlight Reel

Highlight Your Year

A capable video editor is able to take a group of assets collected over time and turn it into a dynamic and engaging highlight reel. The examples on this page are a great example of how to highlight your business' year in review. Depending on your business, you probably don't have as much to work with as we do, but that's okay! As long as you are taking photos/videos for every occasion or event that happens over the course of the year, we'll be able to make a great highlight reel.


If you keep in the habit of producing year in review highlights, you have mementos of your business you can look back on to see how far you've come. In each of these examples not only are they great to rewatch to remember past projects, we can also see how much we've improved and gotten better at our craft. As an added benefit they're great marketing materials, repurposing all the costs you've incurred producing events for your business get recycled into attracting new customers.

Always Be Shooting

A key take away for this case study is to always be collecting photos and videos every chance you get. Don't worry if you can't afford a professional and you don't think anything you shoot will be again good. As we said above, a capable video editor will be able to work with whatever assets you have, you just have to shoot them. And if you want tips on how to be a better shooter, subscribe to our newsletter! When you have a good collection of material you want to turn into a highlight reel, go ahead and contact us and let us know how we can help memorialize your year.