Video is Essential to Launching a New App

Client Name: Gratitude Circle
Type of Project: Video Production and Editing
Project Goal: App Marketing
Tools Used: Sony 4ks and Adobe Premiere
Crew: Jim Folliard
Date of project: Winter 2019
Location: Northern Virginia
Price Range: $1,000 - $3,000
Results: Increase App Downloads

New Apps

Apps can be a tricky business to launch. Unless you're a Silicon Valley tech giant with billions in investor dollars, its tough to market your new app. But you're in luck, because Gearshift is an affordable alternative to big budget California marketing groups. We can produce a 4k quality video for your product at a much lower cost than the big studios, for a much lower price point. When Najma Khorrami realized she need video support to get her app off the ground, her first call was to Gearshift.

Video Can Extend Your Reach

Apps used to spread through word of mouth, but the early days of apps only needing a bit of marketing to make a big impact are over. These days apps are a dime of dozen. If you find one to perform a specific function, you can find ten more that do the exact same thing. That is why video is so important in today's world. A well produced, sleek looking video can set you apart from the crowd and make your App all the more successful. What's more, it doesn't take a seriously involved process to launch a new service or app these days. Gearshift can come to your location, gather the necessary footage in hours, and edit together a complete video in days. How easy is that?

Quick Turnarounds

Videos such as these are quick, easy, and the impact on your business is significant. At Gearshift, we've produced thousands of these videos over the years, so we can turn the footage around quickly and efficiently. We also know how to edit the footage into a video that will have maximum engagement and reach once you release it on social media. In the case of Gratitude Circle, we got all the shots we needed in one day, and edited the video together and delivered it in the same week! If you have a project you need to get produced quickly and efficiently, give us a call!

If you'd like to learn more about what top notch video can do for your business, please download my free report, Nine Nifty Tips for Effective Video Tips.