Clarabridge: How Much Fun Can Shooting a Recruitment Video Be?

Client Name: Clarabridge
Type of Project: Video Production and Editing
Project Goal: Increase Recruiting from Colleges
Tools Used: Nikon Cameras, Adobe Premiere, After Effects
Crew: Jim Folliard
Date of project: November 2013
Location: Northern, VA
Price Range: $5,000 - $10,000
Results: Improved Candidate Response

Use High Quality Video to Attract Your Ideal Employee

Clarabridge offers CEM (Customer Experience Management) services. They are innovators in this relatively new field, providing their unique services to Fortune 500 businesses.

I knew their reputation as a dynamic, fast-paced company, so I was excited when they hired Gearshift.TV to shoot and produce their Recruiting video. The video was to be shown at job fairs across the nation, their target demographic being newly minted college graduates.

What Made the Shoot Unique

This shoot was different from many corporate projects I do. I often work with attorneys, doctors and local businesses, and for the most part we need to project a highly professional, buttoned-down image.  

For Clarabridge I was asked to project a completely different image: fun, hip, young, and exciting. Because of this I was able to approach the shoot with a focus on maximizing the image of an energetic workplace—to step out of bounds and play a little and to have some fun interacting with the employees.   

Show Off Your Company's Personality

This was easy, as Clarabridge is a dynamic bunch. I was able to ask questions that were more raw and more quick-witted than usual. One of the best moments was when an employee showed off his beatboxing skills. This worked incredibly well with the company image and exemplified the creativity the company prides itself on. I truly enjoyed the two days I spent shooting in and around their headquarters.

With all the footage, deciding what segments would make the five-minute video was a challenge. I was going to have to leave out 95 percent of the video I shot, pulling the best five minutes and weaving them into an engaging, unique video. To do so, I had to use a critical eye, trimming, refining, and producing a story that worked for the client. And while this wasn't a walk in the park, it was a challenge I relished. I truly enjoyed finding the most dynamic pieces of the footage and merging them into a compelling story.

The Results

Clarabridge has been using the video I produced at all of their recruiting events and they believe it's an important factor attracting the best, most enthusiastic employees possible. I am going back to shoot more video for Clarabridge. I'm excited to get going on their newest project that will define their "culture code".

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