We shrunk down Ryan Kerrigan to get big results on this commercial

Client Name: Paisano's
Type of Project: Video Production and Editing
Project Goal: Television Commercial
Tools Used: Sony 4ks and Adobe Premiere
Crew: Jim Folliard
Date of project: July 2019
Location: Northern Virginia
Price Range: $5,000 - $10,000
Results: Improved Sales

Mini Spokesperson

When the creative team from ESB came to us and told us they wanted to do a commercial with a miniature Ryan Kerrigan, we thought it was crazy. That guy is enormous! But we knew with our green screen technology and editing skills we could make it work. The first step in the process was to storyboard out the commercial so we could plan out what angles we would need to shoot at. We knew we would need at least two shoots to make this commercial work: one on location and one in our green screen right here in Fairfax, Virginia. 

Two Shoots

It can be hard to act/direct/shoot a scene without one of the key components in the scene. When we were on location, that meant shooting and arranging the scene as if a tiny Ryan Kerrigan was actually there. We had to keep the eye lines of the actors in mind, as well as the perspective and angle Ryan would be at when we brought him into the studio. That way, when we digitally added Ryan to the scene, it would look seamless. You would really think he was there on the day of filming! To accomplish this we placed a "placeholder" in the scene roughly the same height Ryan would be in the finished product.

Then when we brought Ryan into the studio, we had a reference to use so that we could place our cameras at the right perspective to make him look like the appropriate size for the commercial. He was a pro as always, and was happy to help us achieve our vision for this commercial. And we have to say, we think it might be our best yet.


Big Success

The commercial was a hit, getting air time during the Redskin's pre-season games multiple times. We were also pleased to see it mentioned in the Washington Post's Sports Bog section of the website. Everytime Paisano's approaches us about a project, we know its going to be a fun, creative, and challenging endeavor. That's why we're in this business. We love these kinds of projects, and if you have one in mind you think we could help with, please feel free to reach out.

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