BroadSoft: A Thrilling Telecom Conference Designed to Connect Attendees

Client Name: BroadSoft
Type of Project: Video, Photography and Editing
Project Goal: Increase Vendors
Tools Used: Nikon DSLRs and Adobe CC
Crew: Jim Folliard
Date of project: October 2013
Location: $10,000 - $20,000
Results: Improved Vendor Conversion

Video Can Spread Your Conference Across the World

BroadSoft is a company that provides top-of-the-line software that “enables mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to deliver real-time communications over their IP networks.” The company is powerful, drawing over one thousand people, including many telecom executives, from across the world to participate in its conference each year.

A Conference Unlike Any Other

To me, the best part of the BroadSoft Connections conference is that it’s unlike any other conference I’ve been to. Usually you have three days of meetings inside a hotel conference room. This is fine for disseminating information, but for me, as a photographer and videographer, making the conference seem exciting and lively can be a challenge.

Not so with BroadSoft.

While there are times set aside for panel discussions and lectures, there are also many exciting events planned. Outings include trips to the Phoenix Zoo, off-road biking, golf, pool parties, and themed dinners. One year there was a carnival theme, and the dinner event was complete with tightrope walkers, fire breathers, a stilt walker and carnival-style games. Getting dynamic video and photographs is really pretty easy; the hard part is narrowing them down to the best of the best!

The End Product

At the end of the conference I’m left with a suntan, fond memories, and a daunting pile of footage and images. When I return to Virginia my job is to craft these raw products into tight, sexy marketing packages for BroadSoft. The company will use the videos and images to sell booth space at the following year’s event. And at ten to twenty thousand bucks a booth, the videos and images have to be compelling enough to get vendors to open their wallets wide!

The Competitive Business World

And that’s another thing I love about the shoots I do for BroadSoft: there is no room for error. I know that in the cutthroat world of business only the best will do—that if my work isn’t good enough, I won’t be asked back. Yet I’ve been doing this for four years, have only had positive feedback, and have been asked to do other work for the company as well. So I must be doing something right!

Additional Projects

I have made many other videos for BroadSoft. Most of them are screen demos, product demos, and other internal videos used by the sales team. What is unique about the work I do for BroadSoft is the integration of spokesmodels, product demos, and screen shots in the videos I produce. I weave these all of the elements into a video that is intended to help sell the product and inform the consumer; no easy task. But I relish each challenge the company throws at me.

If you’d like help shooting a project demo, or want to create a memorable video of your next conference, call 703.962.1270. My team would love to help you create video and images that don’t just compete with the other guy, but blow him out of the water.

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