When is it best to choose an on-location video shoot over a studio shoot?

On-location shoots are best when the setting is the key to the success of your video. For example, if you are an attorney who wants to make a set of informative videos, shooting in our green screen studio is best because the focus of the video is you and the important legal information you are giving.

However, there are many times when it makes more sense to shoot on location. Examples include:

  • Tours. If you want to give potential clients, customers, or investors an inside look into your business, the best way is through a video tour. They will get to "meet" employees and get to know you and your company before they set foot in your door.
  • Product demonstrations. It's pretty much impossible to show off the benefits of your new line of performance swimwear without a pool. If your product would be better shown off in the great outdoors, an on-location shoot is a must.
  • Scouting Videos. If you are a high school athlete looking to pique the interest of college recruiters, a well-made scouting video should show you in action. Because of this, an on-location shoot is crucial to the success of your scouting video.

A Word of Warning

On-location video shoots in D.C. have many benefits. However, even the best location won't mask a bad concept, poor lighting, or terrible video and sound quality. For the best results, your video has to be well thought out and executed. Otherwise, your promotional videos will do nothing but waste your time and money.

For the best advice on shooting video footage in D.C., call 703.962.1270. Our D.C. video production team is ready and able to help you shoot videos that get you the attention you deserve.      

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