You can launch a successful YouTube channel with our help!

"Awesome service and quick turnaround. Jim is very easy to work with and he produces high quality video." - Jinson Chan, High Side


Jinson Chan recognized the importance of having well-produced video to market your restaurant. Active social media presence can make a huge difference to your business, and High Side is an excellent example. Their "Beer Banter" series gets hundreds of views on each video and drives interest in the restaurant that otherwise might not be there.

One of the easiest ways to make your social media video stand out is to take an interest in your production value. Anyone can stand in front of a webcam and speak, but with the expert help of the producers at Gearshift, your video will look professional and slick, vastly increasing your video's watchability and increasing the reach of your posts. If you want help producing your next video contact us today.

Jinson Chan