Keytone Aid: Testimonials Will Sell Your Product

Client Name: Keytone Aid
Type of Project: Video Production and Editing
Project Goal: IndieGogo Fundraising Video
Tools Used: Sony 4k and Adobe Premiere
Crew: Jim Folliard, Don Napoleon
Date of project: November 2017
Location: Northern Virginia
Price Range: $2,000 - $5,000
Results: Fundraising Goals Exceeded

Testimonial Magic

When Keytone Aid first approached Gearshift about producing a video for their Indiegogo campaign, all they had were testimonials filmed on laptop webcams with poor audio quality. They needed advice on which direction to take in order to make a video that would inspire people to have faith in their product. Luckily, they came to the right people and with Gearshift's creative consultation and editing skills they quickly had a video all were happy with. And the results spoke for themselves.

Busting Goals and Records

With an original goal of $30,000 for their Indiegogo campaign, by January 1st, 2018 they had hit $150,000; five times higher than their goal. Just like the product guarantees breaking personal records, they smashed their expected goal. This proves the importance of testimonials. Even capturing a testimonial on your webcam with low quality video and audio can be useful footage for a professional editor. It just goes to show you don't need a huge budget and slick videography to make an effective and engrossing testimonial video. Keytone Aid was wildly successful with their grassroots campaign by doing just that (with a little bit of help from professionals at, of course).

Do It Yourself

With a little bit of consultation from professionals, your product can sell just as well if you collect enough soundbites from potential customers. Even if your clips are low quality the help of a professional can put a nice polish on your clips and make them seem less like a sloppy production and more like a professional, high quality product. We were able to accomplish that with the project, by shooting the product on our rotating lazy susan as shown in the screenshot above, and developing the frame for the testimonials which placed the brand front and center for the video. These little professional touches made all the difference for their campaign. Keytone Aid is just one example of the success working with can bring your company. For more information about Keytone Aid, visit their website.

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