The Web Video Revolution is Here And It is Making Smart Business Owners Money

Jeff Dover Website

Jeff Dover is a personal injury attorney located in Atlanta, Georgia. He created web video and it has helped his practice in ways that yellow page ads and other advertising mediums were not able to.

  1. Video has increased his website traffic
  2. Video has kept his potential clients on his site longer
  3. Video has increased his conversion rate and increased his case value
  4. Video has helped him to develop a trustful relationship with his clients immediately

With the latest web video statistics hitting the web it is easy to see why Jeff has continued to grow his practice with effective web video.

Have you thought about all the ways that video can help grow your practice or small business? Web video is a great way to connect with your potential clients and it has already started transforming all industries. I know that creating web video can be intimidating and confusing if you have never experimented with this technology. We are here to help. Even if you are just looking for some advice concerning web video the professionals at Gearshift TV can help you today. Call 877-477-STUDIO or click here to contact a professional to start the conversation today.