YouTube Can Help Your Business

YouTube continues to dominate all other video search engines and video-hosting sites. In fact, 8 out of 10 videos found in Google search results are hosted by YouTube. To ignore this fact is foolhardy and will cost you dearly. If you're not taking advantage of YouTube's considerable power, you are wasting your time.  

How to Make the Most of YouTube's Popularity

You don't need a viral video to make the most of YouTube. What you need is a solid SEO plan that addresses the unique requirements of YouTube and Google. Take these three steps right away to help your videos—and your website—show up in search results:

  1. Create a YouTube channel, and ensure that all fields are fully optimized.
  2. Post every video you make on your YouTube Channel.
  3. Embed your YouTube videos on your blog and/or website.
  4. Post your YouTube videos to your social media accounts.

It's also important that you make the most of your videos after you load them to YouTube. Be sure to reply to comments made on your videos and make use of analytic data provided by YouTube. What you are looking for isn't necessarily a million views. Instead, you should be looking for high engagement in the form of people watching your video all the way through or at least making it past the crucial 15-second mark. 

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