Variety Is the Spice of Life: How to Liven Up Your YouTube Channel

Get the Most Out of Your YouTube Channel

We recently reported that YouTube users load 100 hours of video every minute. With the amount of video on YouTube increasing exponentially, it's time to bring your “A game.” If you don't, your videos will get lost, never to be found by your target audience. One way to improve your channel is to ensure that it's filled with fresh, interesting content.

Ditch the White Bread Content

There are many ways to get your video and your channel to rank better on YouTube and Google. Today, we will be focusing on one aspect of an effective YouTube Channel—variety.

If you have been adding the same types of videos again and again, chances are your audience is growing bored. For example, if you've only be posting how-to videos, it's time try something new. Why not add a new flavor profile with:

  • A product or service overview
  • A tour of your office or business
  • An introduction to your staff
  • A highlight reel from a recent conference or event

Keep it fresh, and you have a better chance of keeping your audience coming back for more and attracting new viewers.

Top Chefs

At Gearshift, we have been pleasing the palates of web video viewers for years. Our Virginia YouTube video marketing team has the perfect recipe for interesting, well-made video, and we'd love to share it with you. Call 703.962.1270 today to see how delicious video can improve the success of marketing efforts.   

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