Your Video, a Panda, and a Penguin Walk Into a Bar…

A Warning to Video Marketers

The bartender nods at the Penguin and the Panda, slides two drinks down the bar into their awaiting flipper and paw, and completely ignores your video. Upset, your video asks for a drink. The bartender doesn't say a word and instead motions to the other end of the bar, where videos and websites are lined up out the door. The Penguin and Panda slap flipper to paw and laugh, downing their drinks as the bartender points to his nametag—Google.

This isn't a funny joke. It's not supposed to be. That's because there is nothing funny about being shoved to the back of the line in Google search results. But, if you are cramming the content associated with your videos—think description, channel description, and content surrounding your videos on your website—with keywords, you will be penalized.

Google and its team of adorable black-and-white creatures are getting better at sniffing out spam. When they find it, they strip away any of the SEO power the website or video had. During the most recent update—Penguin 2.0—only about 2.3 percent of English queries were affected. If you were included in the 2.3 percent, or if you are worried you will be in the future, it's time to do something about it.

Avoid Being the Punch Line

You don't want to lose business, and you most certainly don't want to be laughed at when your video and site plummet after a Goggle update. To keep your pride intact—and to Google-proof your videos and website—keep the following tips in mind:

  • Don't participate in link building exchanges or work with a "link farm." Only use links from reputable sites.
  • Don't overstuff your video or site with keywords. Keyword stuffing is a major no-no. Google will penalize your site or video for this.
  • Don't over optimize. This means making all content on your site and associated with your video interesting, well written, and natural. No hard sales.

And really, natural is the key to avoiding being penalized by Google or any search engine. If you keep your videos and content interesting, and relevant to your audience, well done, there is no need to fear the Penguin or the Panda. In fact, they may just ask you to join them at the bar.  

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