… But I’m Looking for a Blue Screen Studio in Virginia?

Sometimes we get calls from people in the Virginia and Washington, DC area who are looking to shoot with a blue screen—and are disappointed or confused when we let them know that we have a green screen instead. But what these callers don’t know is that there aren’t many big differences between shooting against a blue or green background, beside the color—and that the differences that do exist often favor green screens.

Different Colors, Same Concept

Both blue screens and green screens are used with the Chroma Key process—the technology that erases the solid-colored background and replaces it with whatever image or video that you wish. The concept is relatively simple: videographers shoot subjects against a green or blue background, while editors remove that color from the video and replace it with a different background, saving clients from shooting on location or outdoors.

Green Screen Is Preferred For Digital Shoots

In some cases, blue screen is preferred—for example, if you are using traditional film or if you are filming outside. In most cases, though, green is the preferred color because it results in a better product when using digital cameras and because it creates less “color spill”—the faint line you can sometimes see between the subject and the projected background.


If you are looking for a blue screen video studio, chances are that a green screen studio will suit your needs—and even leave you with a better-looking final product. To rent our video studio and to learn about our other video services, call our team today: 703-962-1270. 

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