The Differences Between Green Screen & Blue Screen

What’s the difference between a green screen studio and a blue screen studio? “Obviously,” you say, “it’s the color!” While that’s absolutely true, there are actually pretty good reasons that we chose to build a green screen studio and why both colors are often used by videographers. 

The color of the subject

Both green screen and blue screen technology uses the “Chroma Key” process: you film your subject on colored background and then remove that color and replace it with a different background. Things can get a little more complicated if you are filming something green against a green screen or if you are filming something blue against a blue screen. 

Color channel processing 

Green screens have become more popular than blue screens in recent years in part because of the advent of digital cameras. When it comes to most digital cameras, the green channel is the cleanest and most luminous. This means that you can get better results over using a blue screen in some cases. 

Color reflection 

Color, light, and reflection are all important factors in video, and the reflectivity of blue and green can affect the final video product. Depending on what you are shooting and what your background color is, color correction can be easier or harder. Removing all of the green from a shot can make any color with green in it look off, just as removing all blue can change the look of certain subjects. 

Color spill

In older movies that used blue screen technology, you might have noticed an outline of the background color around the people and objects in the video. This is called color spill, Chroma spill, or green spill. Some believe that green color spill is more obvious than blue color spill, while others say it depends on what background you are using. 


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