Show Your Company in the Best Light with a Virginia Video Studio Rental

Sometimes, when people want to create a video, they seem to think that they can just borrow a friend's video camera and shoot a high-quality production. That is extremely hard to do (unless you have formal training) because of many varying factors, one of which includes lighting. You can get great actors and have nice looking costumes and an excellent editor, but not much else is going to matter if the lighting stinks. Viewers of the video need to see what's going on!

Good lighting can be tough to come by. While there are some simple lighting kits you can purchase on your own, you're going to get the most professional lighting if you rent a video studio to film your production. The lights are already rigged along the ceiling of the studio, and trained professionals know just how to position them to get the best look possible for your video. They can adjust the brightness and intensity, depending on what you need, and also add filters that can provide color or soften light.

Lighting is also an essential component of using DC green screen video services. Our Gearshift has a huge green screen available, and we rely on excellent lighting to make our backgrounds look exceptional. Chroma keying requires a lot of lighting to be successful because you need a nice, even glow with no shadows whatsoever. However, there is a limit to the amount of lighting that should be used, and a trained professional will know just the right amount to use.

Aside from lighting, there are so many other benefits to renting a video studio for your personal or professional production. Contact Gearshift for a consultation to tell us about your project, and we will tell you all about how we will be able to help you out. Call today at 703.962.1270.

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