What are the most common green screen mistakes, and how can I avoid them?

The most common green screen mistakes our Northern Virginia web video team has seen include:

  • Choosing the wrong clothing. When the background is added to a video shot on a green screen, anything that is a similar shade of green will become part of the background. So, if your shirt is green, it will take on the selected background, giving the subject the appearance of a floating head. The fix here is simple: nothing shot in front of the screen should be green.
  • Poor lighting. Shadows—created by a subject or a wrinkled or folded green screen—will affect the quality of the video. Any dark or light portions of the screen will translate to the final video and ruin the effect. To fix this, be sure you have even, diffused lighting and that there are no wrinkles or folds in the screen.
  • Distracting background choices. With limitless choices for backgrounds, it's easy to get carried away and choose an outrageous background. If this fits your business, go for it. But, if you'd like to focus on your message or the subject of your video, keep the background clean and simple. 

Once you have the technical aspects of green screen video dialed in, it's time to focus on your concept, message, and script. For help ensuring that your videos are professional and effective, call 703.962.1270. Our Northern Virginia video production team can help you every step of the way. From developing your brand to coding your videos, Gearshift TV has you covered.

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